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Advantages of Bug Bounty

Continuous testing by the hacker community

Penetration tests performed at companies are showing the identified vulnerabilities of the system in a given time. In a Bug Bounty program even hundreds of researchers can test your application continuously!

Reduce your company’s risk against vulnerabilities

Using the power of hacker crowd security testing the bugs of your services won’t remain undiscovered. Fortune 500 companies also have bug bounty programs, join them and stand out from your competitors!

Better to pay a reward today, than a fine tomorrow

News are full of data breach scandals. Protect your company’s name, reputation and services: open a bug bounty program on Hacktify and be hack proof!


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They are already more secure; it matters to them that their system is bug free! Join the most secure firms and gain an advantage over your competitors.


Test live systems and gain reputation in the cybersecurity community! Earn your bounties for your identified vulnerabilities and let’s make the internet more secure!

They are already hunting

I hold an MS in Civil Engineering and I work as a Cybersecurity Analyst and Penetration Tester. I obtained my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification. Cybersecurity has always been a high interest subject to me, but it was only a few years ago when I took active steps for getting into the field. Now it’s taken my full professional attention.
Cristi Vlad
Cybersecurity analyst and penetration tester (OSCP)
I am a still a student and have been doing bug bounty for 2 years in full time. I have reported security flaws to DigitalOcean, LastPass, Binance, Valve, Google and many other companies through their bug bounty programs. I have been focusing and testing the products of Google since September 2019.
Google VRP top 50 bug bounty hunter
I'm a 28 years old french hunter, that specialized in testing web applications. I began to break things at the age of 12, and this became a passion! I'm pretty much successful in bug hunting, and some friends and I launched a company in Switzerland that do professionnal bug hunting. Let's pwn!
Bug bounty hunter

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